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Life-long Learning and continuing education

Welcome to MAH Management Academy Heidelberg.

As a non-profit society, we are developing continuing education formats in the context of lifelong learning at the highest level of quality in the implementation of our Vision and associated welfare receipt date.

The offer includes our Joint International Certificate Program with Cornell University (Ivy League), USA with a focus on family businesses and the Next Generation, Senior Management consultant, a Young Adults & Youth – YAY Programm in the Heidelberg competition and mentoring program concluded with an Essay, 
Talent Seminars for master students in the field of M&A / Corporate Finance and Executive seminars in the field of Life Ethics for C-Suite Executives, the annual MAH Academy Heidelberg castle Symposium as an intellectual Platform for the economy, science and politics, the MAH the Grand Academyfrom European social Fund (ESF) funded courses as well as tailor-made training concepts for Companies and institutions.

Our Vision is, life-long Learning through high-quality, future-oriented education to allow you to offer, with the goal of personal and professional development of people within the society and for the Benefit of the common good.

For the promotion of entrepreneurship and, in particular, of the family company, we offer jointly with Cornell University, a state-of-the-art Joint International Certificate Program of, characterized by high quality professional transfer of knowledge and practical Implementation of the curriculum. 

Cornell University is a privately funded research University and a Partner of the State University of New York. As a public research institution in the state of New York, Cornell has a responsibility – unique within the Ivy League -to make in all fields of knowledge, contributions, and to make the public commitment in the foreground, in order to improve the quality of life in their state, in the Nation and in the world.


More than 150 years of excellence in education, research and public Engagement gave Cornell a unique history, rich in Innovation and Tradition.

With our Young Adults & Youth – YAY Programm ermöglichen wir Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen die Teilnahme an unserem MAH Academy YAY Schloss Symposium.
You will receive a practice-oriented perspectives from renowned Experts on future-oriented topics and the opportunity to discuss this with you.
In the follow-up to the Symposium, the participants can qualify in the context of an Essay competition for our MAH Academy Mentoring program, the topics of the Symposium, to be applied to your current and future life planning.
Wir fördern aktiv das Networking auf dem Symposium und bieten allen TeilnehmerInnen im Nachgang die Chance, bei unserem MAH Academy YAY Netzwerk Mitglied zu werden.
Wir wollen mit dem MAH Academy YAY Programm unseren gesellschaftlichen Beitrag im Rahmen unserer Vision leisten und diesen durch eine von der MAH Academy entwickelten Methodologie meßbar machen.

The rapid progress of new technologies and the ever-increasing complexity of distinguishing economic and geopolitical environment, accelerating the need for continuous training.

For this purpose, we organize Talent Seminar with a focus on M&A /Corporate Finance for young professionals and Master students in the field of Economics. 

Furthermore, we offer entrepreneurs and C-Suite Executives with our Life-Ethics seminars, the opportunity to consider the subject of sustainable business management from the perspective of Life-Ethics and, therefore, on the topic of Business Ethics also. 

The Executive seminars are held alternately in Heidelberg and Munich. 


With the annual national MAH Academy Heidelberg castle Symposium in the king's hall in the castle of Heidelberg, we are creating a high-quality intellectual platform to the topic

"Priorities in a world of changing realities and perspectives for the active management of change".

Guided by our Vision, we are positioning strategic, socially relevant topics with the help of proven Experts in the field of current and future developments.

To this end, we invite entrepreneur can, decision-makers from business, science and politics to give the participants new insights and perspectives, with the aim that these findings will find a practical application in the professional and personal environment of the participants, to the benefit of the society.  

With the MAH the Grand Academy we provide interested participants with an international, interactive lecture series in German and in English on the subject 

"Challenges and visions of a modern civil society".

We have the MAH the Grand Academy with the idea of being created to allow the Generation of 30 years and older, with a more personal and interactive access to designated Experts, to address current and future issues in detail.

The virtual tour allows international from different cultural backgrounds-born participants of the group, with the respective Experts and each other in small groups (up to max. 30 persons) can exchange.

In order to preserve the individual and to society's prosperity and increase, is lebenslages Learning is essential. The continuous qualification and Re-qualification needs to be an integral part of our life. 

With the selected topics, the learning of leaders from industry and science as our lecturer to be taught, we offer a high-quality and financially attractive offer for the participants. For the participation of no special knowledge is necessary.

The events will be held virtually and are for the participants, under certain conditions, by the European social Fund funded.