Cornell University

Joint International Certificate Program

Leading and Sustaining Family Enterprises

For the promotion of entrepreneurship and, in particular, of the family company, we offer jointly with Cornell University, a state-of-the-art Joint International Certificate Program, the high-quality technical knowledge transfer and practical Implementation of the curriculum is characterized. 

Cornell University is a privately funded research University and a Partner of the State University of New York. As a public research institution in the state of New York, Cornell has a responsibility – unique within the Ivy League -to make in all fields of knowledge, contributions, and to make the public commitment in the foreground, in order to improve the quality of life in their state, in the Nation and in the world.


More than 150 years of excellence in education, research and public Engagement gave Cornell a unique history, rich in Innovation and Tradition.

Since its founding in 1865, in Ithaca, NY, in the traditional home of the Gayogohó:no (the Cayuga Nation), Cornell is a leader in education, a Motor for Innovation and a force for the common good. For more than 150 years, the University has grown and evolved to meet new challenges, to forms of exceptional people, and make ground-breaking discoveries – and all this while she has cultivated a community of belonging, which is filled with rich traditions and powerful legacies.

The Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University dedicated to the support and strengthening of the network of owners, executives and Alumni are working in, with, or for a family business.

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