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Sustainability and transformative leadership – economic change, Vision, responsibility, and design


Program details

Course contents (1. Session)

  • Background to the idea of sustainability
  • Ecological limits of the planet
  • Principles of Sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Course content (2. Session)

  • Different Concepts:

Green Economy, Industrial Ecology, Cradle to Cradle

  • Sustainability strategies:

Efficiency, consistency (circular economy), and sufficiency

Course content (3. Session)

  • The circular economy and the appropriate business models:

Classification, potential, and challenges specific examples (reCIRCLE reusable system)

Course content (4. Session)

  • Identification of environmental impacts in processes & value chains, evaluation of environmental impacts and environmental benefits (life cycle analysis, LCA), eco-efficiency measures and effect-cost curves of projects and technologies

Course content (5. Session)

  • Sustainability assessments in projects, Reporting Standards for companies (e.g., GRI)

Number of participants: Max. 30

Duration of appointment: 90 minutes

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 CET

Deutsch Online (Zoom)

Price:  € 500

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Prof., Dr. sc. techn. Christoph Hugi

A Professor at the University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland FNHW

Prof., Dr. sc. techn. Christoph Hugi worked for 15 years as an environmental Consultant in the country and abroad. He then worked for 3 years in the sustainability Research of a large Swiss Bank, and since 2010 at the University of applied Sciences North – Western Switzerland in teaching and training and research focus on sustainable resource management and sustainability strategies and assessments is active. He is also a Board in two Start-up companies in the circular economy.