Cornell University

Sustainability and Transformative Leadership – Business in Transition, Vision, Responsibility and Design


Program details

Course content (1st session)

  • Background to the idea of sustainability
  • Ecological limits of the planet
  • Principles of Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Course content (2nd session)

  • Various concepts:

Green Economy, Industrial Ecology, Cradle to Cradle

  • Sustainability Strategies:

Efficiency, consistency (circular economy) and sufficiency

Course content (3rd session)

  • Circular economy and suitable business models:

Classification, potentials and challenges using concrete examples (reCIRCLE reusable system)

Course content (4th session)

  • Identification of environmental impacts in processes & value chains, assessment of environmental impacts and benefits (life cycle analysis LCA), eco-efficiency ratios and effect-cost curves of projects and technologies

Course content (5th session)

  • Sustainability assessments in projects, reporting standards for companies (e.g. GRI)

Number of participants: Max. 30



Duration per appointment: 90 minutes

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 CET

German Online (Zoom)

Price: from €375

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Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Christoph Hugi

Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FNHW

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Christoph Hugi worked as an environmental consultant in Switzerland and abroad for 15 years. He then worked for 3 years in sustainability research at a large Swiss bank and since 2010 has been active in teaching and further education at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and in the research areas of sustainable resource management and sustainability strategies and assessments. He is also a board member in two start-up companies in the circular economy.