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Part-time state-recognized master’s degree programs

Our master’s degree programs are designed so that you can continue to pursue a full-time career. In addition, our master’s programs are characterized by the fact that they can be taken up without a first degree or bachelor’s degree and still offer you access to a doctorate or higher service.

Advantages of our Master’s programs

  • Combining the advantages of public and private education
  • Part-time master’s degree programs in 21 months
  • State and internationally recognized university degrees
  • Lecturers are scientists with affinity to practice or practitioners with affinity to science
  • Admission without a Bachelor’s degree possible under certain conditions (see §35 of the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act and examination regulations of the respective course of study)
  • Crediting of qualified work experience (30 ECTS credits)
  • Three-pillar concept:
    • Course-specific expertise
    • General Management Competence
    • Social and leadership skills
  • Flexible learning (e-learning platform)
  • High individual service orientation and intensive support
  • Flexible financing models

In cooperation with

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Alumni Statement

„I particularly liked the dovetailing of theory and practice and, in this context, the selection of lecturers. In addition, the small group size was very effective.“

Maik Cebulla, Head of Human Resources, Saint Gobain, MBA HRM graduate

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