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Certificate Program in Human Resources Management

If you would like to continue your academic education in the HR field with flexible scheduling and creditability of the modules as well as 90% of the certificate price on the Human Resources Management (MBA), then we have the right solution for you with our HR certificate program.

Studying part-time in individual modules is associated with many advantages. In addition to the short duration of only 15 course days and the interlinking of theory and practice, the individual modules can also be credited to the part-time Human Resources Management (MBA) degree program.

Study individual modules
Part-time continuing education at university level

Target group
Specialists and managers as well as high potentials in HR functions, managers from other disciplines

Advantages of the certificate program

  • Designed for professional use
  • Flexible learning
  • Short duration (15 event days)
  • Dovetailing theory and practice
  • Personal advice and support
  • Flexible financing models
  • Creditability of the individual modules on the part-time degree program Human Resources Management (MBA)

Period from max.18 Months

Next ideal start date: 07.10.2023.

5.800,- Euro

Credit in the amount of 90% of the certificate price is given upon enrollment in the Human Resources Management (MBA).

Prerequisite for admission to the certificate program
In accordance with the admission requirements for the Human Resources Management. Admission possible in the absence of professional experience.

Upon successful completion of the certificate program, you will receive 22 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) in addition to a certificate diploma. The ECTS points can later be credited to the part-time course in Human Resources Management (MBA) at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Management Academy Heidelberg (MAH).


Please upload your completed and signed application documents here:

Modules and content

Driving the HR-Future

For the strategic orientation of the HR area in the company, it is important to pick up on relevant developments at an early stage and to be able to classify them strategically with regard to their relevance for the organization and one’s own profession. The resulting changes in structures and processes are made visible and designable in the form of business models in their various orientations / further developments.

The module covers this challenge for shaping the future of HR:

  • HR business models
  • Trend Management

Individual dates

07.10.2023HR business models
09.12.2023Trend Management

Examination performance Submission of the transfer certificate on 21.01.2024


Taking into account the locomotive function and cohesive function that characterize leadership work, it is important to develop an understanding of leadership and a leadership capability that provides approaches and concepts that meet requirements based on classic understandings of leadership.

The focus here is on intercultural and ethical aspects:

  • Leadership in theory and practice
  • Intercultural Management and Leadership
  • Ethics and leadership ethics

This module is held in English.

Individual dates

09. and 10.11.2023Leadership in theory and practice
16.12.2023Intercultural Management and Leadership
11.01.2024Ethics and leadership ethics

Examination performance Leadership
Submission of the term paper on 25.02.2024 (in English)

Talent & Performance Management

The value added contribution that operational HR management can make as a corporate function is essentially based on the employees.

This is what the module is about:

  • Employability
  • Employer Branding, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Talent management and employee retention
  • Personnel development, knowledge and competence management
  • Performance Management (English)

Individual dates

12. and 13.01.2024Knowledge and competence management, personnel development
15.02.2024Performance Management (in English)
16.02.2024Employer Branding, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
17.02.2024Talent management and employee retention

Examination performance
Submission of proof of transfer on 14.04.2024 (in English, if applicable).

Beratungskompetenz HR

Consulting processes that are supported by internal or external actors represent an important field of design and action for those responsible in the human resources sector from a professional and interdisciplinary perspective. Elementary competencies with regard to consulting, coaching, mentoring as well as mediation support them in their accompanying and mediating role within the company or organization.

The module is composed of the following courses:

  • Consulting Skills
  • Mentoring / Systemic Coaching
  • Business Mediation

Individual dates

04.07.2024Consulting Skills
05.07.2024Mentoring / Systemic Coaching: Mentoring
06.07.2024Business Mediation

Examination performance
Submission of the term paper on 31.08.2024

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