The business game “HR Interactive” is an interactive further training measure in the form of a demanding company simulation. The hands-on training for HR managers maps two years of HR work in a medium-sized industrial company.

In the role of the HR department, the players process operational, project and strategic tasks and make qualitative as well as quantitative decisions. Participants experience the effects of these decisions on the entire company again and again during the course of the game.

A Generation 4.0 HR simulation game

HR live erleben

Participants make decisions in the HR context and are immediately confronted with the impact on the overall success of the company.

Berücksichtigt auch qualitative Entscheidungen

A Generation 4.0 simulation game. – For the first time, qualitative as well as quantitative HR decisions are taken into account.


Never before has an HR simulation been so close to reality: the cover story and the qualitative & quantitative tasks are based on numerous real-life examples.

Zeitraffer: zwei Jahre HR erleben

Simulation of two corporate years in 2 days (in the standard implementation).

Deckt alle relevanten HR-Bereiche ab

From Marketing & Recruiting, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits to Change Management & Process Optimization incl. Staff Release.

Flexibel anpassbar

We are happy to tailor HR Interactive thematically to your company or your desired area.

Basiert auf aktuellen Modellen

e.g. model of integrated personnel management of the german society for personnel management (DGfP), life phase oriented personnel policy of ibe (institute for employment and employability).

Fundierter Background

Developed by experienced HR practitioners, HR professors and business game experts.

Simulation game content

In the HR simulation, participants work on tasks from all strategic and operational areas of human resource management, such as:

  • Corporate and HR strategy
  • Personnel marketing and selection
  • Personnel support and employee retention
  • Personnel and management development
  • Performance management and compensation
  • Staff Release

Target group

  • HR professionals and managers
  • HR junior staff
  • Students in degree programs with an HR focu

Depending on the target group, different topics can be selected.

Further to the benefit

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Developed by experienced HR practitioners, HR professors and business game experts

Based on current models

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