Program details

Self- and career management (1st session)

  • Self management theory
  • How to live life consciously and take responsibility
  • Dealing with stress and strain

(Causes and solutions, based on theory with concrete exercises).

  • Model about dilemmas: setting boundaries (which ones and how?)
  • Finding your way from anger to contentment (a 5-step model)
  • The career model

Leading and influencing people (2nd session)

  • Theory and principles of trust (authenticity, logic, empathy)
  • Dealing with expectations and authority (B/E/W model)
  • Communication and listening (deep listening model)
  • Dealing with conflicts (theory and practical exercises)
  • Why should others follow me? (Theory and Principles))
  • Leadership principles and situational leading

(Leadership styles according to Daniel Goleman)

Initiate and implement change (3rd session)

  • Set goals that are achieved

(Career model: activities, intended benefits, KPI’s).

  • The individual steps from vision to result (theory and process models)
  • Understanding and applying change models (change model)
  • Dealing with resistance and fears

(Models from PEP, Neuroimagination and John Selby)

  • Process design and control (theory and application)
  • Classical management vs. “Effectuation” (agile design, according to Prof. Sarasvathy)

Consciously shaping organizations and cultures (4th session)

  • Vision, meaning and values
  • Establish and hierarchize personal values
  • The integrated value pyramid

(a model to combine soft factors and hard factors)

  • Know, understand and include the 8 Intercultural Factors (according to David Livermore)
  • Code of conduct and attitudes based on the values as a common foundation for the culture (competence model)
  • Diversity and sustainability Consciously incorporate, design and monitor ESG

Number of participants: Max. 30


November 14, 2022

November 21, 2022

November 28, 2022

05 December, 2022

Duration per appointment: 90 minutes

Time: 18:00 – 19:30 CET

German Online (Zoom)

Price: from €375

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Christina Künzle

Founder and CEO of the Swiss company Choice Ltd.

Christina Künzle works both in Switzerland and internationally as an executive and business coach. She draws her expertise on the one hand from her broad-based education, and on the other hand from numerous mandates in career management, founding and building new companies, creating and implementing sustainable visions and values, accompanying change processes, working on team efficiency, conflict management and communication, gaining leadership effectiveness, various crisis interventions and accompanying the achievement of demanding goals and results.

Prior to founding her own company, Choice Ltd, she was a member of the Executive Committee of Sulzer AG and responsible for Corporate Development. Previous positions have taken her to globally recognized companies in the travel and petroleum industries, management consultancies, engineering companies, where she has held roles/responsibilities ranging from human resources management to strategic management consulting to executive management.

Christina Künzle holds a degree in business administration, an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau) and a

M.S. in “Coaching and Consulting for Change” from the Haute Ecole Commerciale de Paris (HEC). As part of her psychological education and training, she has worked with internationally recognized professors from Europe, Canada, India and the U.S.. Her thinking and work are strongly influenced by the teachings of Manfred Kets de Vries, Gunther Schmidt, Michael Bohne, Robert Hargrove, Daniel Goleman, Jagdish Parikh and Mi-chael Lukas Moeller.

She is also a guest lecturer at the University of Zurich and a mentor at the University of St. Gallen. As a member of the Global Leadership Centre of INSEAD, she is regularly engaged as a coach in international executive development programs. Furthermore, Christina Künzle was on the board of the “Swiss Code of Ethics” and president of the Collegium Novum Zurich (a leading soloist ensemble for contemporary music), as well as co-author of the books “Globalization – from vision to practice” and “Coaching Mystique”. Her own book “Vom Abendrot zum Morgenlicht” is based on the song cycle “Die Winterreise” by Franz Schubert and is an effective guide for effective crisis management.

Together with her partner she lives in Engadin. Due to her stays in different European countries she speaks fluently besides German, English and French and balances with the interests: Music (playing the piano), sailing, skiing and as a member of Rotary and various professional networks, she balances her intense workload.

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