How do you finance your master’s degree? Our part-time master’s programs are designed so that you can continue to work full-time. The fact that you are employed parallel to your studies can already compensate for a certain part of the study costs.

In addition, there are some funding and financing options that you can use to finance your studies:

Förderung durch Ihren Arbeitgeber

There are various ways in which your employer can support and encourage you to study for a master’s or MBA while you work:

Financial support

Your employer pays part or all of the cost of your studies. If the employer completely finances the studies, the employer will usually enter into a commitment agreement with you. This means that you are contractually bound to the company for a few years after completing your studies, usually 3-5 years.

If your employer plans to send several participants for our study programs: we offer companies attractive special conditions in the form of framework agreements.

Time exemption

Here, too, there are numerous possibilities: For example, the company where you are employed releases you for the attendance phases or for one day a week, or grants you paid or unpaid special leave.

Why don’t you talk to your employer and explain the advantages and how the company will also benefit from your further training? We are happy to support you in this.

Steuerliche Absetzbarkeit

Tuition and study costs (tuition fees, books, journals, and any travel and accommodation expenses incurred) are generally tax-deductible.


We offer you flexible payment models that allow individually agreed installment payments. Together with you, we will find a solution tailored to your personal situation – contact us!


The market for education or student loans has grown steadily in recent years. Be mindful, as the modalities can vary greatly.


There are also suitable scholarships for people who want to study part-time and do their Master’s or MBA.

We have compiled a selection of scholarships for you (more to follow soon):


Educational leave, or often referred to as educational leave, is a type of paid leave for professional development. As a rule, you are entitled to five days of educational leave per year.

The individual federal states have different regulations for applying for educational leave. What counts for you is the federal state in which you are employed. Often a certain company size and the duration of your employment are a prerequisite. Unfortunately, there are no educational leave laws in Bavaria and Saxony.

You can apply for educational leave for the courses offered by the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Management Academy Heidelberg gGmbH.

We are recognized for the following states, for example:

  • Baden-Württemberg: The Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences is a recognized educational institution under the Education Time Act.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Our courses of study are recognized according to the Rhineland-Palatinate Education Exemption Law
  • Bremen: Our courses are recognized as educational events under the Bremen Vacation Education Act.

You work in another federal state? Contact us, we will be happy to support you.

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