“If you want to compete in the future, you have to have the best employees”. This insight has now become accepted in politics and business. This means that if the “best” cannot be obtained via the domestic labor market, new ways of recruiting must be found or the company itself must train and develop them.

With our Study formats we help you to Attractiveness as an employer further by working with you to develop or apply models where, for example, you hire your young graduates and prepare them in trainee programs to take on specific functions (e.g. HR- or PM-specific) and acquire the complementary scientific general management or specialist knowledge and skills in our degree programs. This leads to a stronger commitment of new employees to your company.

Systematic personnel development through our customized study programs as well as your involvement in the conception of modules, certificates or projects also allow for an immediate utilization of the (study) contents due to the high application relevance. In this way, you ensure the long-term future viability of your company through the use of expert knowledge.

In addition, you and your employees expand the specific networks that are also important for the future.

Claudia Seitz-Ernst
Managing Director of the Management Academy Heidelberg
Tel: +49 6221 7169890
Email: claudia.ernst@mah-hd.de

Konrad Beßler
Managing Director of the Management Academy Heidelberg
Tel: +49 171 3113089
Email: bessler@mah-hd.de

Awarded the International German Training Prize

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